The vision of Provo Peaks is to perform on a metacognitive and creative level. 

The mission of Provo Peaks is to foster a culture of pride in ourselves and our school. By understanding our strengths and weaknesses, we are accountable for our own growth and we can achieve and surpass high expectations. By becoming critical thinkers and active learners, we invest in ourselves and our future.

We commit to…

having civilly honest conversations

working hard

being dedicated and consistent as a school team

having a safe environment where all opinions are valued

making sure that all student's needs are the focus of all decisions

reaching consensus (willing to make compromises and move forward as one) 

Office Hours

8:35 A.M. - 3:45 P.M.  

Regular School Hours

Monday-Thursday 8:40 A.M. - 3:20 P.M. and 

Friday 8:40 A.M. - 1:30 P.M. 

We have additional early outs for professional development.

Please refer to the school calendar for additional information.

A transition bell rings at 8:30 A.M.  The 8:40 A.M. bell indicates the beginning of instructional time and students are expected to be in their sits at this time.  The 3:20 P.M. bell indicates the end of school.

Drop Off Times

For the safety of our students, we ask you to bring your children no earlier than 8:30 A.M. This is the time when teachers are available to supervise our students. In bad weather (heavy rain or very cold day), students are welcome to wait in the gym starting at 8:20 A.M. through the NW door (closest to the gymnasium)and wait in the gymnasium .

If you are dropping off or sending your child to receive school breakfast, they can access the lunch room no earlier than 7:55 A.M. through the outside lunch room door on 600 East.

Thank you for support!  

Morning Kindergarten  

Monday-Thursday 8:40 A.M. - 11:45 A.M.

and Friday/early outs 8:40 A.M. - 10:40 A.M.

Afternoon Kindergarten

Monday-Thursday 12:20 P.M. - 3:10 P.M. 
and Friday/early outs 11:25 A.M. - 1:20 P.M.

School Title I Page


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Probithition of Bullying, Harrasement, Hazing, and Retaliation Policy

Please click on the link to acces this policy, its procedure, notification, and reporting form.